December 31, 2006

Test Post for OpenID

This post is used to test for comments using OpenID.

And as you can see, comments can now be posted using OpenID. Registrations has been disabled. Therefore, to post comments here, you can either:

  1. Be a LiveJournal user – just select LiveJournal on the dropdown list, type just your LJ username in the box, enter your comments and hit submit. You’ll be redirected to your LJ site to confirm the action. If you’re not logged in at LJ just enter your user/password on top as usual to login first. Be sure to check the URL to avoid phishes!
  2. Be an OpenID user – Register with any OpenID site such as to get an OpenID. Then, select Other OpenID on the dropdown, type your OpenID identity in the box and enter your comments.
  3. Be a Xen user – means ask me to create an account for you so that you can login to this site as a user. Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to post comments!

The bad points about this plugin are that it is theme-specific: you gotta know how to modify your theme to enable this plugin. Also it’s just for comments, so I can’t grant access on post-levels to OpenID users; to view my protected posts you’ll have to get an account with me like in Option 3 above…

December 18, 2006

No comments

I’ll be trying to integrate OpenID into WordPress (in my free time) so i’m not opening my blog for public/anonymous comments yet. Should you wish to comment in this blog, tell me directly and I’ll create an account for you. I’ve allowed registration while i’m working out the technicalities… I’ved used the available OpenID for WordPress Comments instead.
Yep I have an OpenID, and no, I do not have an LJ account. Thanks.

December 9, 2006

Host Plan

Alright, wordpress blog is up and forum migration is successful. But I’m not done yet, so here’s the rest of the plan:

  • Design domain home page (& use logo on forum)
  • Integrate RSS ticker into new forum (& fix undefined bug?)
  • Setup MediaWiki
  • Migrate TechBlog
  • Integrate OpenID into blog/wiki
  • Find better themes for this and techblog
  • Setup domain emails

Blog… ?

Finally up with WordPress! Ok its actually very simple to setup, probably due to the recent experiences with PHP and stuff. But the “finally” is there because I’ve wanted to set this up since a long time ago, but have been delaying it to find a new domain name and to migrate my webhost.

And as with all previous attempts to write, the first thing done is to change the DEFAULT theme! Well I don’t really like the font nor layout of this one, but, yeah the color pencils are nice so this is it in the meantime. Still pretty unfamiliar with the WordPress features, hopefully I’ll get into more of it in the near future – that is – hope that I will be UPDATING this blog !?

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