August 30, 2008


Accidentally found N79, which was reported to be announced few days ago. As a typical N-series it packed all the features I wanted, from WiFi to GPS. But, like all N-series, it looks below average.

It should be available here from October this year, and comes bundled with a 4GB microSD card. Throwing a bluetooth headset into the package would sound like a good deal.

A little relieved I did not rush into getting an N78 when it was first released. Comparing these 2 models there is no doubt which one I will consider. Having failed N78, hopefully N79 will feel better in my hands. If not I’ll have to settle for some less-featured phone.

August 28, 2008

Usability (NSFW)

In this layout, which is alphabetical, you can find your Sales Report after your Project Schedule.


While this layout, your Budget spreadsheet is on the right testicle.


Which is easier to find?

Picture from video:
Warning: NSFW, 10mins, geeky.

August 12, 2008


I bought 8 sets of numbers for the $8mil draw on 08/08/08. There were 8 Group 1 winners. I wasn’t one of them.

But it was my first win from Singapore Pools. I think. The prize calculator said so.

Shall go collect proceeds tomorrow. 顺便 buy the $1.5mil Thursday Jackpot.

August 11, 2008

Just got my new toy today

box50.JPG walllight.JPG range.JPG

Usually red, but this one’s green. About 4 times brighter (as listed, I didn’t really measure, but the perceived difference was significant). Beam slightly visible, even in light (I was expecting no beam, or slight beam in dark). Better than I originally thought. Considering higher rating for better beam…

August 9, 2008

When Google gets out of hand…

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:
Part V: Can’t find it? Or not released yet?