February 28, 2009

AU vs UK





February 26, 2009

mobile xmlrpc post

ulcer. not drinking 2L this week.


Boo Windows for restarting itself in the night for automatic updates. Killed my downloads essentially. I’ve since turned off automatic downloads of updates.

February 25, 2009

what an ugly rainbow


Adhoc meeting in the morning again. So today’s schedule is filled up. Don’t think will get anything else done today. Shall spend the rest of the time disturbing people.

Song of the Moment: 蕭敬騰 – 给爱人

February 24, 2009


Webhost isn’t doing very well recently. Had some downtime, and ping responses are getting bad. Bundled with the bloating WordPress with each version upgrade, I may have to take action soon. But I do like the features of this host, if only the quality could be better.


Saw a lot more posts on LJ today! It’s been a long time since I saw such updates. For a few months it was like lull… Even so I don’t have much to comment. But it’s still nice reading them.

February 23, 2009

JC costs

Calculator: $148 (after discount)
Floorball Stick: $97 (after discount)

At least the school fees are cheaper than poly…

February 22, 2009

perfect place for a pretty coaster

Reduces the heat that’s hurting my left wrist. It’s hot I tell you.

peanuts vs alcohol

I just saw this on the news and found a similar article on the web:


Scientists have proved that introducing minute quantities of peanuts to a peanut-allergic child and increasing dosage steadily improves their tolerance to the nuts.

I’ve thought of using the same technique too.

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