March 16, 2009

job survey

What factors can you think of that can be used to rate a job?

  • Monetary
    • Base Salary
    • Allowances
    • AWS
    • Bonuses
    • Increments
  • Basic
    • Location
    • Working Hours
    • Transport
    • Food
  • Career
    • Position, Title
    • Company Size
    • Company Popularity (Visibility)
    • Prospects
  • Benefits
    • Annual Leave
    • Medical Benefits
    • Overtime Benefits
    • Courses, Training, Conferences
  • People
    • Colleagues
    • Supervisor
    • Boss
    • Admin Departments
  • Job Scope
    • Projects Involved
    • Work Assigned
    • Project Domain
    • Learning Opportunities
  • Others
    • Office Environment
    • Turnover Rate
    • PC/Laptop

March 15, 2009

mystery picture


just heard it

Chanced upon justhearit, which is still listed as private beta. I tried “say aha”, “true colors”, “liang jing ru” and it all works. I think it’s just pulling the content from other sites such as seeqpod. And seeqpod shows the URL where they got the mp3 from. Looks like a new way to find mp3s. Too bad have to manually type the URL cos it’s in Flash.

March 13, 2009

dream on

long dreams today. The first i went conducting an adhoc band practice in the middle of the night in a residential area so we were trying to keep the volume down yet audible and balanced.

Next one i was in a basketball match, followed by a rush drive in a car to the airport.

How can i stop all these nonsense dreaming and sleep peacefully?

March 12, 2009


Tis’ the 6th post today. That makes up the missing entries for the last few days.

Saw the regular ice cream tricycle downstairs while coming home today, but heard another ice cream bell coming from the block beside. Now there are two of them. Business is tough.

Yahoo Go

I found Yahoo Go 3.0 and tried it on my phone. Looks pretty cool in that it had the features I wanted. It’s basically a suite of Yahoo apps including Mail, Flickr and RSS. Still looking a good MSN messenger.

Screenshots below.

bad night

Had a really bad sleep on Saturday night, my brain was just so hyperactive that it staged its own movie trilogy – I had 3 consecutive dreams. But I can’t really remember them all, I only remember the first one was about walking down to an underground MRT station with food to a barbecue pit at one end of the station platform. Which is weird. The pit was made of the same marble floor in the MRT station and looked pretty authentic.

I tend to have dejavus that occur several years later, when I’ve forgotten about it, but when it happens or when someone says a phrase I’d suddenly remember it. So since I’ve written it down it’ll probably not happen, and if it did it’ll be funny, cos this is weird.

Too bad after 4 days I can’t recall what was in the following two dreams. Maybe I’ll know 3 years later.

delayed posts

“Tomorrow” became 4 days later, due to a powerful flu I developed on Monday. It started in the afternoon and in a few hours it became full blown. Doc said it was “viral infection”, not sure if it just meant the flu virus or something else. It got so bad on Tuesday that I literally spent the entire day in bed, except answering some chats and fixing a build that my team lead broke. It was the worst MC I ever had; I could feel the whole back of my throat inflammed, my bones were aching, both nostrils were blocked so I couldn’t breathe properly and I was getting goosebumps the whole day, even being wrapped in a blanket.

I was planning to go back to the doc on Wednesday to get another day of rest, but luckily the virus left as fast as it came. The soreness and inflammation was gone when I woke up. Due to the medication I was slightly drowsy so I didn’t do much work (OK there wasn’t much to do anyway).

For today my team lead offered to let me work at home for the morning since there were no meetings for today. Maybe I look too pale to him yesterday haha. I think I’ll just draw a diagram later, after I catch up with my posts.

March 8, 2009


had 2 posts in mind but too lazy. shall do it tomorrow.

March 7, 2009

Follow the $

As I expected, StandChart eSaver is having the top-up interest rate offer again, this time at 1.5%. Coincidentally, OCBC FairPricePlus slashed its rate from 1% to 0.5% starting March.

Also as I expected, the 2% interest rate is a gimmick, which only applies to the top-up amount until April. Subsequently the rate drops back to 0.4%, while the contract to wire $1K per month for 6 months remains. I suppose it was closing time soon so the banker was rather straight to the point without me probing further.

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