April 17, 2009

flag days

These few days there are scores of kids going around with tin cans at interchanges. It’s the poly orientation week. But I did not donate. Why? Because they did not ask me to. I walked past a few groups, some just stood there waiting. Others chit-chatted among themselves.

That’s like putting up a donation station there, where you just walk up and donate. Don’t need the kids there. If someone really wanted to donate to that organization they can also do it without them standing there for half a day with a can.

April 12, 2009


for bubble tea with PUDDING.

philosophical quote

“People talk of heaven, but maybe this is heaven and we don’t know it.” – Kirk Douglas

April 11, 2009

in some form of bossa nova mood

Do listen to 孙燕姿 – 真的.

I had the impression 陶喆 – 沙滩 was bossa nova too, but the MV shows not. Maybe I’ve been hearing a pirated version.

April 9, 2009

another simple game

I gave up halfway and came back later. Completed all the stages. May be boring to some.



Since the food poisoning, everything in the area has been cleansed thoroughly.

Once it opens, there will be bleach poisoning from using the super-clean plates and utensils.

April 8, 2009


Dad bought Otah home.

My first question: “Is it beside the indian rojak stall?”

April 2, 2009

msn messenger mobile review

I’m supposed to do a review. But I haven’t really used it enough actually. But first impressions are good.

Apart from basic sign in and chatting, it is superior to other IM (such as Fring) in that you can change your personal message, shows contact pictures, allow changing of own picture, set status to online/busy/appear offline, send files from phone (haven’t tried receive), emoticons (built-in only), shows Chinese characters (but not Korean), and integration with Hotmail. I can’t change the font color, but that is a minor defect to me.

Weird thing is windy can’t find the installer on the phone. I wonder if there’s a way to find and send the installer.

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