October 18, 2009

deepavali adventure

Ice cream @ Icekimo.

Guess the flavors?

Horlicks with Maltese, Dino Milo, Teh Tarik.

Song of the Moment: 張韶涵 – 白白的

October 14, 2009

lousy wed

i’m sure my alarm woke me up in my deep sleep because i’m feeling so lethargic i can’t even grip firmly. just feel like closing my eyes on my journey to work and i’m sitting at my desk now but don’t feel like doing anything.

October 12, 2009


原来 Deepavali is this Sat. Veerasamy Road is sooooo crowded.

Song of the Moment: 张清芳 – 我还年轻

October 8, 2009


SGrean: I want to buy a flat to stay in.
Govt: OK you have to get married first.
SGrean: Why marriage? I just want to buy a flat.
Govt: No cannot. I give alternative: buy private condo.
SGrean: Too expensive! cannot afford.
Govt: Actually you don’t really need a flat right, you can still squeeze in your parents flat.

How about…

SGrean: I want to take a bus to work.
Govt: OK you have to adopt a dog first.
SGrean: Why? I don’t want a dog. I just want to take a bus.
Govt: No cannot. I give alternative: you buy car.
SGrean: Too expensive! cannot afford.
Govt: Actually you don’t really need to take a bus right… you walk also can reach office what! Just wake up earlier!

So the people started to adopt dogs so they could take buses to work without buying a car, or walking. How would they treat the dog? What happens when you put this back into the 1st scenario?

Disclaimer: Personal opinion. Constructive feedback welcome. Flaming undesired.

ok this looks just like a tweet.

i hate 8am meetings

October 7, 2009


there’s this giant bump on the top right of my skull. and it hurts when i touch it. it’s as if i fell to the floor upside down in my sleep or something. must be more alert when sleeping from now on…

October 6, 2009


Taxi companies must love rainy days. They watch their call booking counters go over the top and many people call but can’t book any more cabs.


damn. another late night…

October 3, 2009

the original is pink.


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