November 23, 2009


just learnt today.

without googling, do you know what they mean?

November 22, 2009


海昌鱼头炉 @ Tampines 137 (Round Market)

Uses charcoal fire, tastes normal to me. But from the number of people there I suppose most people like it.

November 20, 2009

happy 10 years

happy 10 years. : )

November 17, 2009

Mum bought an McDonalds ice-cream cone for her kid.

She passed it to her daughter. The kid took the cone and started licking it. After 3 licks she somehow lost grip of it and it landed cone up on the floor.

She looked down at her misfortune, disappointed.

What do you think the mum did? What would you do if you were Mum?


I’ve been reading some pretty lame stuff on but I realize was still better. Makes me LOL at the screen.

Warning: NSFW.



If I can buy a small flat, will I want a condo?

If I can afford a small car, will I want a bigger one?

I say no now. Will I change my mind then?

I have a cubicle now. And I’m happy with my cube. I don’t desire a bigger cube nor a personal office. Will I want it in future?


How about more than one gf? =P

November 15, 2009

i love kids

I’m surprised I never wrote this before, as I’ve thought about this long ago.

But ya, I love kids. I just don’t like my own kid. Why? Because they will grow up, and I only like kids.

So I will be my friends’ kids’ godfather. Then I can go visit them and buy them toys and bring them to the zoo.

Then I’ll return the kid to you at night.

November 14, 2009

十年之前 我不认识你 你不属于我
我们还是一样 陪在一个陌生人左右
走过渐渐 熟悉的街头

十年之后 我们是朋友 还可以问候
只是那种温柔 再也找不到拥抱的理由

November 12, 2009

waking up

I’ve been waking up before my alarm clock for the past few days. The problem is I feel lethargic instead of refreshed when I wake, suggesting that I’ve not really slept enough yet. I wonder what’s keeping me up. It’s not that I have trouble falling asleep at night…

问路 x infinity

this morning an auntie at the bus stop got lost and was trying to communicate to some uncle on her phone where she was. she actually passed me her phone for me to describe her location to him. hopefully she’s been found.

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