December 31, 2009

N79/S60 improvements

why do i still want a new phone? because although it has all the “features” i want (GPS, bluetooth, radio, HSDPA, camera, std audio jack, etc), i want some customization, that i hope i’ll be able to achieve on some customizable platform such as Android.

1. anykey snooze
i want to be able to hit any key to snooze my alarm, instead of only a specific key.

2. text message as default
it asks me what kind of message i want when i create a new message (Message, Audio Message, Email, etc, etc) but 99.9% of the time i’m writing a SMS text message, so i’d love to skip this prompt.

3. radio slumber
i want the radio to turn off by itself after a specific duration, e.g. 30mins.

4. remember camera settings
i want the camera to remember that i didn’t want flash; i now have to keep setting it every time i activate/reactivate the camera.

i think i have some more but i can’t remember now…

December 29, 2009


i drank a tiny mug of beer again today.

Song of the Moment: 五月天 – 突然好想你

December 24, 2009

request for health

seems friends haven’t been in the pink this year. the most serious i’ve got is possible-h1n1 flu for a 7 day MC, which i think is a small case. other than that i have been exercising quite a bit. hope all my friends will have better health in the coming year.

as a geek instead of praying, i send requests.

December 21, 2009


SMS from Cherlyn:

Hey peeps interested to go for Macs focus group? Coming tuesday or weds night. Incentive is a $80 Robinson vchr. … …

My friend thought it was for cosmetics.

I thought it was for computers.

It was actually for fast food.