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May 5, 2008


For those who don’t know Mandarin (probably none reading my blog), the title means “asking for directions”. I don’t know about others, but I keep getting 问路ed by people.

I just got asked again by a lady before I reached home just now. Few days back I got asked by an (educated) Indian man trying to travel from Clarke Quay to Farrer Park. And to think I didn’t really want to go to Clarke Quay that day — I was going to Orchard via Dhoby Ghaut when I overshot the NEL by a stop. Ended up “helping” him while waiting for the train back.

I still recall there were many times both tourists and locals ask for directions when I worked in town, especially before I cross the junction between Merchant Road and Eu Tong Sen Street. Once my colleague and I pointed in exact opposite directions when asked for the nearest MRT station, because Clarke Quay and Chinatown was just as far in both directions. Most memorable was a falungong member who had a big wooden signboard hanging on his neck asking where the Supreme Court is, near Furama Hotel. We were wondering if he’s going there to support a case hearing, and only realized later that we accidentally pointed him to the Subordinate Courts direction instead of the Supreme Court…

Maybe the reason is one of the following…

  1. Everyone gets asked the same number of times, I’m just oversensitive.
  2. I look like a map.
  3. I always stand beside the map.
  4. I look like I 混 everywhere.
  5. I look friendly, helpful and approachable.

Maybe I’m just oversensitive.

3 Responses to “问路”

  1. stoopidboi said:

    for the record i was asked where RP is last Friday at Woodlands bus interchange.

  2. http://windydays.livejournal.com/ said:

    you are MAPPY.

  3. stoopidboi said:

    haha the mouse game. dreaming of having a chalet and play these games…

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