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July 12, 2009


just some notes to myself.

Nice ferry.
Lok kok ferry terminal.
Comfortable bus transfer.
Confusing reception.
Old villa.
Room features e.g. toilet, kitchen, aircon below average, just passed the usable mark.
Bed not bad, maybe because i only have a mattress.
TV has many channels.
Many flies and insects.
Caught a toad.
Beautiful pools.
Fine soft sand.
Seas not clear. (where got clear water? Phuket got?)
Food below average for given price.
Massage ok, i think preferred Batam. But free SUV transport was good.
Glad didn’t do anything much.

2 Responses to “relaxed”

  1. http://windydays.livejournal.com/ said:

    it’s a frog la.

    some malaysian beaches got clear water.

  2. xen said:

    looks like toad lor.

    msia where?

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