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August 30, 2009

stats stats stats

i had been trying to get WordPress stats to work the whole of today. I suspect I twiddled a little too much with WP that some things just don’t work anymore. So I got a fresh copy installed and pointed it at my existing database. Seems to work so far.

Now I just have to restore any funny things I added previously.

Anyway this theme looks like it’s a bit too fancy for me. But I think it’s OK to just let go once in a while. I’ll just scout around for something clean, simple and elegant later. For now, let me see if the darn stats is working.

7 Responses to “stats stats stats”

  1. said:

    omg!!! u have finally changed ur UI!!!!

  2. said:

    hoho your theme is so damn not u.

    is your stats working huh?

  3. said:

    and i didn’t know your name’s kyle.. lol!

    kyle chua!!

  4. xen said:

    ya so not me. i’m still looking for something similar to my previous one.

    i think the stats are working…

    kyle is just on the picture =.=

  5. said:

    oooo kyle? where did that come from? it’s a nice name though but hard to pronounce…

  6. said:

    sorry.. missed ur comment when u said it’s juz on pix.. my bad.. =P

  7. xen said:

    u process too fast!

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