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January 10, 2008

People Developer

I wore one of the polo-Ts given by my company today — one that bore the logo of the People Developer, to celebrate us obtaining the certification (and for promotion purposes). Our new IA student saw it, and asked me what people developer was. After an explanation of some of the criteria for it, he told me the reason for his question:

“I only knew software developer, didn’t know there’s people developer.”

He was thinking software developers make software, so people developers…

2 Responses to “People Developer”

  1. said:

    make humans!!!! i’m the IA student in disguise.
    everyone has the potential to be a people developer and some prefer it shotgun. lol. keke. out of point liao. *ciao*

  2. stoopidboi said:

    lol. u getting crankier this year.

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