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April 18, 2007


A list of songs I’m looking for.

A list of things I wish to have or do!

  • Pass holder retractor
  • Extension Cord
  • Multiplug with switch
  • Jacket
  • Hyundai Getz 1.4
  • GPS + electronic street directory inside the Getz
  • Candybar phone, light, thin with bluetooth, memory card, cable to PC, simple camera, GPS, wifi/3G, Java, no stylus (this model does not exist!)
  • Compaq B1900 laptop Asus N20 laptop
  • New hard disk for the failing one in my PC
  • Camera screen protector
  • Foldable umbrella
  • Badminton racket
  • Hair dryer
  • Toothbrushes holder that sticks to wall tiles

2 Responses to “Wishlist”

  1. eddie said:

    Update laptop choice and wtf get the ‘Toothbrushes holder that sticks to wall tiles’ already!

  2. stoopidboi said:

    good idea. u know where to buy?

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