National Day Message Template

My fellow Singaporeans,

1. Singapore was this good and that good for the past year.

2. But this was bad, and that was bad.

3. So the government did this, and did that.

4. Therefore you should be thankful.

5. So you should do this and do that.

6. I wish all Singaporeans a Happy National Day.


preggie colleague was bitching bout importing their maid from her home country in indonesia: they have to pass exam in order to bring them over – but its all bcos they fail their school thats y they’re a maid!!!


– Alice in Wonderland
– Iron Man 2
– Ip Man 2
– The Blind Side
– Ice Age 3
– Toy Story 2
– The Back-up Plan
– Did You Hear About the Morgans?
– Two Weeks Notice
– The Prestige
– A Beautiful Mind (didn’t finish)

To catch:
– Invictus
– Glory Road
– Nodame Cantabile
– Shrek Forever After
– Toy Story 3
– Despicable Me
– Ip Man: The Legend is Born

been carrying brochures for 3 years

i just emptied my Deuter 30L bag after i came back from US, and i found a big stack of vietnam travel brochures in the backing compartment of the bag! that compartment houses the bag backing that keeps it upright, and i never put anything into it, so i never checked it. i also found a ticket to a sanctuary dated 20 Dec 2007, matching the date angdao went vietnam.

i just carried the bag (plus the big stack) up to one of the waterfalls in yosemite park!

brownie is gone forever

sold my phone. lesson learnt: new phones don’t last. rid them before warranty expires, or maybe get a longer warranty.

was very lucky to be able to do a full backup. now using a no-color simple phone. so far still quite used to it, just that i’ll need some other place to keep my appointments.