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And as you can see, comments can now be posted using OpenID. Registrations has been disabled. Therefore, to post comments here, you can either:

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The bad points about this plugin are that it is theme-specific: you gotta know how to modify your theme to enable this plugin. Also it’s just for comments, so I can’t grant access on post-levels to OpenID users; to view my protected posts you’ll have to get an account with me like in Option 3 above…

Driving Toyota Vios

Had two long drives yesterday, from Sengkang to Buona Vista and back. Road into South Buona Vista was long and winding, kinda reminds me of those mountain roads back there in Aussie. Will never forget the roads on the Glass House mountains, and the dark foggy road to Byron Bay in NSW. At least not for the next few years despite my short memory.

Learnt a few things bout new cars – they’ve loads of automatic features. Hazard lights come on when you do certain things like open the driver door, and I must remember you can’t start an engine unless your gear is on ‘P’. My cousin stopped the car at ‘R’ and I couldn’t start it back, and none of us know why until I checked the gears. New fuel indicators are LED based, so you need to start the engine before you can even see where it is. Older cars actually show you where the indicator is, but don’t indicate the actual level until you start the engine.

Also realized my parking skills are gone, even vertical parking was a problem… don’t know whether it’s due to difficulty in parking in a squeezy underground condo car park. Well partially also because I thought the Vios had no boot (like a Getz) and almost attempted to park it all the way into the wall… luckily I didn’t.

Nano for Xmas

Got a shock when I opened the xmas present from my company – it was a 2GB iPod Nano. Just hours after windy and I were talking about MP3 players, this one landed on me. Never expected that coz they’ve already given us a $250 taka voucher for xmas which I have not utilised too…

Actually I didn’t want to buy a player for myself, since I already have a Creative Zen. Was more of my sis who showed me advertisements of MP3 players to hint openly for one. Luckily I haven’t bought one yet, so most probably I’ll be letting sis use more of it.

No comments

I’ll be trying to integrate OpenID into WordPress (in my free time) so i’m not opening my blog for public/anonymous comments yet. Should you wish to comment in this blog, tell me directly and I’ll create an account for you. I’ve allowed registration while i’m working out the technicalities… I’ved used the available OpenID for WordPress Comments instead.
Yep I have an OpenID, and no, I do not have an LJ account. Thanks.

Theme Park Attendant

Nieces and nephews have finally gone home after a day of “fun” at my house. Practically had a LAN shop running with maple, audition and games. Sega Mega Drive 2 still works after so many years and kept those youngsters busy for quite some time.

All the buzzing activities kept me on my toes for the whole day as well, as I assumed the theme park attendant role. Setting up the network and ensuring games worked was trivial, changing game cartridges every few minutes to play another game was OK. Tough was pushing the kids to take meals and getting them to go home. Guess I was like that too many many years ago. Even though the games we played were radically different — no computers or high-tech games, getting food into our mouth or dragging us to go home was felt just as difficult as today.

Shall stop my story abruptly here, just feeling rather tired to write on… so… good night!

Disastrous Birthday

No, its not about having to work on that day. It was the inability to connect to the Internet when I reached office that morning. Yes, that’s a disaster to us people who are net-ddicted. Seems the router power adapter is broken, but we managed to survive the crisis by wire to the ADSL modem and Wireless Internet Connection Sharing. Oops no tech stuff here.

Secondly (where’s my firstly!?!) there was a last minute work-related lunch meeting, when I’ve already told them the day before I have a lunch appointment already. I went ahead to meet Jin, and it began to rain on the way to her office. That’s distaster number 3. Though I’m usually not afraid of rain, things are different when you put stuff in your hair. That’s why I still feel its troublesome to do hair.

Things started to turn better from lunch; Hans @ Great Eastern is still the nicest place in the area to hang out. Found interesting similar habits between Jin and me: a dislike for a category of food that includes green peas and heinz beans. Not sure what you call that, but definitely not as general as “vegetables”.

Ended with a nice delicious dinner at Tokinchi (I think that’s how it’s spelt) and a nice classy new wallet! (Trying to improve my vocab here) Thanks to my PS! and a card so funny and appropriate that I’m sure I would have bought it for myself if i saw it. The card’s private so it won’t be shown here, but you probably will see me parading with my new wallet around. PS got herself a matching new wallet too, and we’ve both migrated to the new platform wallet.

Finally, it has been a long time since so many people wished me happy birthday on my birthday (including those early and belated ones). Cousins, niece, par gang, quinnies, even one of my sis’ friend all wished me. Though I do not really appreciate the attention, I do appreciate them taking time to send that wish. Same as Jin I prefer people not remember my birthday. Am I lonely, weird or what…


Had a nice mahjong day with par ying and ting on Sunday. As usual we took longer than expected to finish one round (of four winds) and unbelievably ting won the most! using her “五台自摸” at the first game and last game… Seems all of us didn’t get enough of mahjong so hopefully we’ll be able to continue the game as scheduled on xmas eve.

Nice day part II was par driving all of us all the way from Clementi to Tampines to pick jin up for dinner at 85. As I expected, they bought a cake to celebrate my birthday, tho I think it was more probably bcos of ting’s birthday lol. Well the ‘Prima Deli Belgium Chocolate’ cake cost $26 (thanks ying for letting me know lol) and was filled with several chocolate layers, a crispy bottom and smelt like there was liquor in it. Luckily par was still sober and got home safely driving alone back from Sengkang to Clementi! You need more confidence!

Yep so here’s the cover picture of the lit cake.

Blunder + New Theme

What a blunder I made. After happily installing WordPress last night, I didn’t change the default password and end up locking myself out of the account. I attempted the password reset, but didn’t get the reset in my hotmail! After fractically refreshing hotmail’s inbox and junk mail folders for about 15mins I added my blog domain into hotmail’s safe list and POP! The mail alert came almost instantly! Damn Hotmail!!

Anyway, the colour pencils are gone and here’re some new themes. Apparently I’m attracted to this font which I’m also not sure what font it is. Probably Tahoma or Verdana. The picture is pure rubbish, but I figured its much easier to swap the picture on a layout I like than vice versa.

Host Plan

Alright, wordpress blog is up and forum migration is successful. But I’m not done yet, so here’s the rest of the plan:

  • Design domain home page (& use logo on forum)
  • Integrate RSS ticker into new forum (& fix undefined bug?)
  • Setup MediaWiki
  • Migrate TechBlog
  • Integrate OpenID into blog/wiki
  • Find better themes for this and techblog
  • Setup domain emails

Blog… ?

Finally up with WordPress! Ok its actually very simple to setup, probably due to the recent experiences with PHP and stuff. But the “finally” is there because I’ve wanted to set this up since a long time ago, but have been delaying it to find a new domain name and to migrate my webhost.

And as with all previous attempts to write, the first thing done is to change the DEFAULT theme! Well I don’t really like the font nor layout of this one, but, yeah the color pencils are nice so this is it in the meantime. Still pretty unfamiliar with the WordPress features, hopefully I’ll get into more of it in the near future – that is – hope that I will be UPDATING this blog !?