Had a nice mahjong day with par ying and ting on Sunday. As usual we took longer than expected to finish one round (of four winds) and unbelievably ting won the most! using her “五台自摸” at the first game and last game… Seems all of us didn’t get enough of mahjong so hopefully we’ll be able to continue the game as scheduled on xmas eve.

Nice day part II was par driving all of us all the way from Clementi to Tampines to pick jin up for dinner at 85. As I expected, they bought a cake to celebrate my birthday, tho I think it was more probably bcos of ting’s birthday lol. Well the ‘Prima Deli Belgium Chocolate’ cake cost $26 (thanks ying for letting me know lol) and was filled with several chocolate layers, a crispy bottom and smelt like there was liquor in it. Luckily par was still sober and got home safely driving alone back from Sengkang to Clementi! You need more confidence!

Yep so here’s the cover picture of the lit cake.

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