Disastrous Birthday

No, its not about having to work on that day. It was the inability to connect to the Internet when I reached office that morning. Yes, that’s a disaster to us people who are net-ddicted. Seems the router power adapter is broken, but we managed to survive the crisis by wire to the ADSL modem and Wireless Internet Connection Sharing. Oops no tech stuff here.

Secondly (where’s my firstly!?!) there was a last minute work-related lunch meeting, when I’ve already told them the day before I have a lunch appointment already. I went ahead to meet Jin, and it began to rain on the way to her office. That’s distaster number 3. Though I’m usually not afraid of rain, things are different when you put stuff in your hair. That’s why I still feel its troublesome to do hair.

Things started to turn better from lunch; Hans @ Great Eastern is still the nicest place in the area to hang out. Found interesting similar habits between Jin and me: a dislike for a category of food that includes green peas and heinz beans. Not sure what you call that, but definitely not as general as “vegetables”.

Ended with a nice delicious dinner at Tokinchi (I think that’s how it’s spelt) and a nice classy new wallet! (Trying to improve my vocab here) Thanks to my PS! and a card so funny and appropriate that I’m sure I would have bought it for myself if i saw it. The card’s private so it won’t be shown here, but you probably will see me parading with my new wallet around. PS got herself a matching new wallet too, and we’ve both migrated to the new platform wallet.

Finally, it has been a long time since so many people wished me happy birthday on my birthday (including those early and belated ones). Cousins, niece, par gang, quinnies, even one of my sis’ friend all wished me. Though I do not really appreciate the attention, I do appreciate them taking time to send that wish. Same as Jin I prefer people not remember my birthday. Am I lonely, weird or what…

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