Driving Toyota Vios

Had two long drives yesterday, from Sengkang to Buona Vista and back. Road into South Buona Vista was long and winding, kinda reminds me of those mountain roads back there in Aussie. Will never forget the roads on the Glass House mountains, and the dark foggy road to Byron Bay in NSW. At least not for the next few years despite my short memory.

Learnt a few things bout new cars – they’ve loads of automatic features. Hazard lights come on when you do certain things like open the driver door, and I must remember you can’t start an engine unless your gear is on ‘P’. My cousin stopped the car at ‘R’ and I couldn’t start it back, and none of us know why until I checked the gears. New fuel indicators are LED based, so you need to start the engine before you can even see where it is. Older cars actually show you where the indicator is, but don’t indicate the actual level until you start the engine.

Also realized my parking skills are gone, even vertical parking was a problem… don’t know whether it’s due to difficulty in parking in a squeezy underground condo car park. Well partially also because I thought the Vios had no boot (like a Getz) and almost attempted to park it all the way into the wall… luckily I didn’t.

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