Resolution ’07

Yeah I know I’m one day late in preparing my resolutions, but, well I still have 364 days in this year! And it’s this same attitude that makes all those unresolved resolutions.

Speaking of which, before I start to make the sacred list, I’m wondering why it’s called a RESOLUTION??? Like it’s something to resolve? or 1024×768??? Well someone should come tell me the origin and why it’s call a resolution. Also, I seldom make resolutions, at least not formally like writing it down this time. Why? Because I know I’ll default on the resolutions, so why make them? But then, rules were written to be broken. So… out of some fun, here’s MY list this year…

  • Brush up (as in relearn) my parking skills
  • Get a facelift = seek treatment probably
  • Play a guitar! — if I do get my hands on one within this year…
  • Transfer my savings to somewhere else where I get more than S$6 interest in a year :'(
  • And, make my dear angry less times than last year!

OK, I’ll probably skip the actual counting on the last wish, hopefully I’ll be able to FEEEL that it happened less times at the end of this year. More importantly, no IT stuff! It’s my life side of things!

4 thoughts on “Resolution ’07

  1. wah liewz u laugh at my resolution πŸ™

    yeah the pic’s very nice, it has earned itself a place as the blog cover!

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