It’s Flu Season!

phishie’s got flu.

windydays’ got flu.

Now angdao’s also sneezing.

Is it my turn soon?

3 thoughts on “It’s Flu Season!

  1. I found you! Thanks to windy actually…

    1) Love your nice little tooltip… And why izzit that there is actually a redirection from to my bloggy?? That’s like coooool…

    2) Question: What is a DeadJournal user?

    3) Keep writing! It’s entertaining… Hehe…


  2. 0) Yo, how come finding me???

    1) Erm, what tooltip??? Yeah there’s a redirection, its currently just a reserved name for you all, so you can claim that space (say for blog or website). Not much use at the moment, other than looking cool. =)

    2) DeadJournal is another blog site using LJ’s open source blog(server) software. It’s not free like LJ, but it supports OpenID as well, since it uses the same software.

    3) …


    and thanks to windydays for setting up the carpet!

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