Week Update

Well, I must say I’m surprised there are PEOPLE reading what I’m writing… and secondly ENTERTAINING!? OK probably things that happened to me won’t be that interesting to me.

And I’m here doing a week update, just because I thought there were some miscellaneous stuff that I wanted to note but it wasn’t significant enough to take up an entire post. And no it’s not a weekLY update, it’s just a special edition for this week.

1st: I think I blundered on the Macdonalds price hike — I went Mac for breakfast today and it seems prices are still normal. I must have visited some city Mac that sells higher; I upsized some weird thing to up the price; I was cheated; or I’m just plain blur.

2nd: Reading jonquil31’s miserable post made me think about my week, which happen to be not so good too. 2 outings were canceled, 1 with Quinnies and 1 with Cherlyn and gang. Then I had the bad 2nd interview, bad offer and now a bad reject.

3rd: I’ve got my StandChart debit card, but the password and PIN hasn’t arrived. I’ve been anticipating it, with disappointment every evening I open the letterbox. Every day late means a day less interest for me, albeit the TEENY WEENY cents. (is that how you use albeit? vocab improve time again)

4th: It seems I’ve been actively going towards completing my resolutions for the year: I’ve made effort to go to the bank to open an account; when I borrowed the car (although initiated by stoopidger), I purposely keep re-parking on my own; I’ve even popped into Yamaha @ PlazaSing to note Guitar prices, which start from S$140. I guess I’ll be better off borrowing one from some gave-up-guitarist. All in, there’s a start to more than 50% of the tasks on the list! Good job! *pat pat*

4 thoughts on “Week Update

  1. It’s nice that you are working on your resolutions. I guess setbacks are inevitable but don’t let them affect you. Keep on going! Life is supposed to be good!

    By the way, how much interest does the StandChart eSaver offers?

  2. That’s the option that we set. For my blog I’m testing out the OpenID comment feature. Will be implementing it in angdao soon.

    AFAIK, eSaver offers 1.80% starting this year (was 1.88%). Interest is credited monthly instead of annually, so i feel compound interest is greater too.

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