Remember the Flu Season?

Yep the doc’s confirmed it — it’s the viral flu season and I’ve got it. Probably the doctor’s got it too, cos it a relief doctor on duty today.

But this relief doctor explains alot. Seems she’s either too passionate or she’s a freshie throwing out whatever she knows about doctor-ship. At least I learnt that its rather infectious, it’s quite easy to catch this flu as simply as walking into a crowded place. Which is what I do everyday when I travel to work or go to lunch. Also I met both phishie and windydays, who had some sort of flu as well.

She also advised me not to go out this weekend, attempt any strenuous exercise, especially swimming. She even commented that “the weather sucks” (the quotes means she said that literally) and I should stay home and rest. Cos “anyway the medicine I’m prescribing you will make you drowsy”. She gave sold me some panadol as well, which she said little people know it takes care of the type of pain as the one in my throat. Drink lots of water and fruits, and anything containing water, such as green tea or papaya and kiwi, which are rich in vitamin C. The rest will be left to my immune system to fight back.

So now I shall retreat early and heed my doc’s advice, get some serious rest and hope I’ll be up and kicking by Monday……

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