Took the time to clean the dust off my bicycle today… then I felt that I should just take it out for a ride too. Why clean it and put it back to collect dust? So off I went… I took a long casual route from Sengkang along the new Upper Serangoon Road, then travelled the whole Hougang Ave 8, then to Ave 3 then a loop back along Upper Serangoon. The bike still ran well, though my legs didn’t. I should go for another swim soon.

Since I passed by Ave 8 I decided to stop at windyday’s place to grab the purifier I wanted to borrow last month. Too bad she didn’t pick up my call, probably watching her dramas or something. Well at least she SMSed back as I was typing this entry =P

I continued empty-handed and started chasing a motorized bicycle… I was following closely behind him, and he was helping me bell off those pesky pedestrians cos he had an electronic bell that had two tones – a simple electronic siren tone and an IRRITATING siren tone. Guess why I know there were two haha. Next thought, time to get a funky bell for pesky pedestrians! Then again, probably I’m the pesky one trying to cycle on the pavement…

Quinn Day

Quinn Day came in the midst of valentines and CNY this year, nevertheless it was enjoyable having the company of the Quinnies. And they had to bring out the marriage issue… so it seems the most appropriate time to flash out our cards… new year cards! Lol angdao and I had a very good laugh looking at their expressions. I wonder who really thought it was da red bomb… Anyway it was still our wish to give them each a card and wish them a Happy Chinese New Year!

Now what’s really missing is a group photo that we can post and remember each Quinn Day…

Cat A COE falls below $6K

Its all over today’s news: The COE for Cat A (small size cars like Getz) has fallen from $11,489 to a mere $5,200. Cat B also fell about 50% and Cat C remained at $1. But I still can’t afford a monthly loan of $400++. So…. I shall just continue watching and drooling.


This angdao got me watching the BlueManGroup as well. For one its their entertaining stage performances, but to me that’s just the least of it. Two, there’s the music, derived from basic material such as pipes, exotic blending sounds and wonderful rhythm. There are stringed instruments and a swish-swosh stick, which you can see in the Sing Along MTV [1].

Then they have the innovative (and still humorous) way of using a head-in-a-box to bring the global warming [2] message across, especially on the emergency exits portion. Yet, that’s just the basic of what they can do, cos they then bring the show live with a TV on their head [3]. The concept is again exaggerated on a bigger scale in a later (or earlier?) ad [4].

Their innovation is demonstrated best in using extending pipes to create a trombone-like instrument, which they call the Drumbone [5]. Notice it still contains the abovementioned humor when they try to connect the pipes together. The connection to make a bigger Drumbone was rejected by turning the pipe to the side. Yet his attempts prevailed when he thought out of the box and brought the pipe down to connect to his own, thus creating a greater drumbone. It is also these innovation attempts that make their advertisements with Intel just as interesting. I’ll leave it to the next post to list the different ads that I found.

But ultimately what I think is really in them, is the philosophy behind the BMG. If you try and look at how they perceive the BMG, it explains how they feel to be “outside”. As an outsider [6], you are seen to be different. Is difference good? Currently, more people see it as a “misfit” than an attempt at “innovation”. When one of the Blue Man attempts to do something different, he is usually stared at by the other two, and he usually then joins back the “normal” two. Is this the same society we’re facing? Are attempts in “being different” accepted? By returning to be normal he has failed to make a difference and change the “society”. But the society accepts his failure and he becomes a regular Blue Man. He then challenges himself again and attempt another difference.

If we look back at the first song called Sing Along, the lyrics and MTV also suggest to me the same idea of acceptance and belonging.

If i sing a song,
will you sing along,
or should I just keep singing right here by myself?

“If I do or be different, will you join me? If you don’t should I still continue to do it?”

If I follow along,
does it mean I belong,
or will I keep on feeling different from everybody else?

“If I do the same as everyone else, does that MEAN I’m with everyone? But I know I’m different…”

And you can’t remain different, if Maslow’s needs hierarchy holds. It is a basic need to be accepted and feel belonging.

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Yep I’m just procrastinating. I’m lazy to write though I feel like penning my thoughts down. I often wished that some device will transfer what I want to write in my brain to some external store so that I can recall it later. Especially just before bed, when some of my best ideas come along, I had to choose to (1) wake up, turn on my laptop to write it; (2) wake up, turn on the lights and scribble it on paper; (3) lie on the bed and try to sms-type it into my handphone beside me; (4) continue to try to sleep and hope I remember it tomorrow morning. All options are just a nuisance to me when I want to get to sleep earlier AND remember what I was thinking.

But all these has nothing to do with the procrastination I’m talking about. I’m just delaying doing something else, that’s why I’m here typing in all the entries I should have done regularly. Which brings me to an article [1] I read today in Today. Just to recap, the secret of being efficient is simply to:

1. Make a list.
2. Do the hardest thing first.

Number 1 is easy, I do that all the time. So i’m semi-efficient already. But like many others (everyone?) I just can’t bring myself to the second part.

[1] How to be efficient at work?

Gathering Week

Met my upper poly classmates* in a January wedding, met par and ting on Fri and then the Quinnies on Sat. I must say I enjoyed each and everyone of them, and I think each gathering gets more precious as each of us goes on to live our own life.

Here’s my “updated” class photo:
Class Photo

* Upper poly classmates are analogous to upper secondary school classmates.