Yep I’m just procrastinating. I’m lazy to write though I feel like penning my thoughts down. I often wished that some device will transfer what I want to write in my brain to some external store so that I can recall it later. Especially just before bed, when some of my best ideas come along, I had to choose to (1) wake up, turn on my laptop to write it; (2) wake up, turn on the lights and scribble it on paper; (3) lie on the bed and try to sms-type it into my handphone beside me; (4) continue to try to sleep and hope I remember it tomorrow morning. All options are just a nuisance to me when I want to get to sleep earlier AND remember what I was thinking.

But all these has nothing to do with the procrastination I’m talking about. I’m just delaying doing something else, that’s why I’m here typing in all the entries I should have done regularly. Which brings me to an article [1] I read today in Today. Just to recap, the secret of being efficient is simply to:

1. Make a list.
2. Do the hardest thing first.

Number 1 is easy, I do that all the time. So i’m semi-efficient already. But like many others (everyone?) I just can’t bring myself to the second part.

[1] How to be efficient at work?

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