Second Escape

My ceiling crashed on me again last night, this time even a closer shave. About 5 am this morning, I was awoken by a loud crash. I peeked, looked around and saw nothing abnormal. Thinking the sound came from outside the window, I continued to sleep. Mum came in a few seconds later, woke me again and asked if I was OK. Only then I know that the thing between my wall and ceiling (I forgot what it’s called) has come down… again.

This time it hit the bed rails and missed me by a bit, but my hair, face and bed were showered with cement flakes. I must have been too tired not to feel anything then… I just used my hands to brush off the stuff from my face and hair and continued sleeping.

The previous incident sounded worse, cos the longer stretch on my room came crashing down, hit both sides of my bed railings, broke into 2 lengths and the middle came right into my mattress, in the middle of the night too. The cement pieces weren’t light and could easily crush my ribs if I was hit then. I happen to play out late that night and didn’t come home till morning. A lucky escape. Thought it won’t happen again cos there’s no more stuff above my bed. Didn’t expect it came much closer this time. Well I’ve told my parents to take all those stuff down, including those in other rooms, before anyone else gets hit.

I’ve must have done too many bad stuff in this life to deserve death this way. Or told too many lame jokes…