Travel Trauma

It’s been proven… now every morning the bus crowd is like crazy.. the situation is like the country is going to war and they have to take this bus to escape or else they’ll die here. Even the 7:05 bus is a problem to get up. I had been lucky for the past few days to be able to get on, coz some others weren’t so lucky.

Why did I go back for the squeeze when I said I’ll take the transfer route? It’s because I did a simple calc over the weekend, the cost of transfering from bus to train costs about a dollar more than the direct bus (after rebate). ONE DOLLAR for the same start and end point! Thats a whopping $20 over a month! So its 6:55 bus for me from now on (if I can get up that early). There’ll also be some situations I’ll still take the expensive route, like today. Due to the rain there was some sort of MASSIVE jam just before the e’way. So massive you can see the bus take 5 mins to cross a junction and a car horn symphony.

I’m thinking of a few things…
1. It’s getting too crowded.
2. I should probably start driving to work.

SICK? No it’s SICS…

A*STAR is opening a new institute called Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences (SICS) to turn discoveries into “profitable products”.

The Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences (SICS) will focus on developing basic scientific discoveries into actual medical treatments.

Also known as ‘translational research’, this has been identified as a critical area in the continued development of Singapore’s biomedical science industry.

The government has committed S$1.5 billion for translational research for five years from 2006 to 2010.

I wonder where they will spend this billion… *chuckles*

Journey to the North

Having a direct bus to work, which takes 20mins over 3 bus stops is of no use if you can’t get on the bus. I waited for 3 full buses before I decided to give up and take the alternate route, which takes 30mins to the same destination, but requires a transfer from bus to train. That’s the same time as waiting for the next bus and IF I can get up the next bus by fighting over the current crowd.

Due to the 1st 3 buses the bus stop I’m at has a whole crowd of nearly 20 people (going for the same bus, not accounting for a lot more for other buses) — there were some others more who already took the alternative route. All the 3 buses came as full buses, and the last bus didn’t even open the front door to accept passengers. The frequency isn’t that bad, just about 5-10 minutes after each other. But if the crowd persists, I’ll have no choice but to give up SBSTransit and take the SMRT route…

Personal Savings Plan

This is a plan that almost conincides with mine, that I found thru blog-surfing (Saturdays becomes boring when you wake up too early). Even though I was linking through non-TP blogs she happens to be a TP IT ger a year younger. Wonder which batch she was in. Does ros or vic happen to know her?

I should probably draw up some wishlist too… but does this whole thing make up a girly plan? Well at least I don’t have urges to “buy some useless fashion stuff”. I swipe more on card actually, cos I can trace my expenses through my card, and I lose track when I use cash. So I usually opt for card and use cash in non-card places like kopitiams.

Note to myself: Trackback spam is still coming in… like WordPress said, disabling trackback just do so for future posts and not past posts. Therefore I’ll need to tweak the DB to disable all trackbacks…

Ezlink weirdness

Does slamming your ezlink card on the scanner repeatedly makes it detect better when it doesn’t recognize your card the 1st time?

Is quickly moving your card to the scanner and away a challenge to test the system?

If you scanner fails you at the back door of the bus, and you go to the front door with a successful scan, is that charged as Exit or Entry?

When your scan fails at the MRT gate, do you read the screen for error messages like “Please stand back”?

I hear quite a lot of failures during the Exit scans… but if really calulated the rate may be less than 1% (less than 1 failure in 100 scans) but is that acceptable? Whats the actual fail scan rate? What is your personal fail scan rate? I seldom have any. Do you hear many fail scans on a single bus trip? Are the fails happening to the same people? Why am I asking all these?

Paradigm Shift

It has been a week into the job and I have to start catching up on studying bio. I even start talking bio terms in normal speech. It’s hard to control, like trying not to use tech terms in normal speech. I would likely end up posting bio here too… like now.

“Certisource takes samples in legally-managed forests and extracts the wood’s DNA, almost like a fingerprint.

When the log reaches the mill, its DNA samples are taken again and the two records are compared.”

New uses and applications of such technology opens up new customer opportunities for us…