Ezlink weirdness

Does slamming your ezlink card on the scanner repeatedly makes it detect better when it doesn’t recognize your card the 1st time?

Is quickly moving your card to the scanner and away a challenge to test the system?

If you scanner fails you at the back door of the bus, and you go to the front door with a successful scan, is that charged as Exit or Entry?

When your scan fails at the MRT gate, do you read the screen for error messages like “Please stand back”?

I hear quite a lot of failures during the Exit scans… but if really calulated the rate may be less than 1% (less than 1 failure in 100 scans) but is that acceptable? Whats the actual fail scan rate? What is your personal fail scan rate? I seldom have any. Do you hear many fail scans on a single bus trip? Are the fails happening to the same people? Why am I asking all these?

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