Personal Savings Plan

This is a plan that almost conincides with mine, that I found thru blog-surfing (Saturdays becomes boring when you wake up too early). Even though I was linking through non-TP blogs she happens to be a TP IT ger a year younger. Wonder which batch she was in. Does ros or vic happen to know her?

I should probably draw up some wishlist too… but does this whole thing make up a girly plan? Well at least I don’t have urges to “buy some useless fashion stuff”. I swipe more on card actually, cos I can trace my expenses through my card, and I lose track when I use cash. So I usually opt for card and use cash in non-card places like kopitiams.

Note to myself: Trackback spam is still coming in… like WordPress said, disabling trackback just do so for future posts and not past posts. Therefore I’ll need to tweak the DB to disable all trackbacks…

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