Journey to the North

Having a direct bus to work, which takes 20mins over 3 bus stops is of no use if you can’t get on the bus. I waited for 3 full buses before I decided to give up and take the alternate route, which takes 30mins to the same destination, but requires a transfer from bus to train. That’s the same time as waiting for the next bus and IF I can get up the next bus by fighting over the current crowd.

Due to the 1st 3 buses the bus stop I’m at has a whole crowd of nearly 20 people (going for the same bus, not accounting for a lot more for other buses) — there were some others more who already took the alternative route. All the 3 buses came as full buses, and the last bus didn’t even open the front door to accept passengers. The frequency isn’t that bad, just about 5-10 minutes after each other. But if the crowd persists, I’ll have no choice but to give up SBSTransit and take the SMRT route…

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