Travel Trauma

It’s been proven… now every morning the bus crowd is like crazy.. the situation is like the country is going to war and they have to take this bus to escape or else they’ll die here. Even the 7:05 bus is a problem to get up. I had been lucky for the past few days to be able to get on, coz some others weren’t so lucky.

Why did I go back for the squeeze when I said I’ll take the transfer route? It’s because I did a simple calc over the weekend, the cost of transfering from bus to train costs about a dollar more than the direct bus (after rebate). ONE DOLLAR for the same start and end point! Thats a whopping $20 over a month! So its 6:55 bus for me from now on (if I can get up that early). There’ll also be some situations I’ll still take the expensive route, like today. Due to the rain there was some sort of MASSIVE jam just before the e’way. So massive you can see the bus take 5 mins to cross a junction and a car horn symphony.

I’m thinking of a few things…
1. It’s getting too crowded.
2. I should probably start driving to work.

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