Random Chill

Had a nice chill with windy and angdao tonight. Been a long time since we just ran out late at night, as if during poly days. Especially after all of us started working, it’s hard enough to get together.

Picked windy up at Simei and drove up to Arab St, where there’s a little “Jazz” bar. Pretty cosy environment, thanks to the wind and the few drops of rain. The music was only average, and the singer could have been better. We haven’t had dinner (10pm) so it was disappointing they only had finger food left. Luckily the finger food was pretty decent (or maybe we were hungry) and the Dark Erdinger beer just great. The irony was I didn’t take any finger food as all of ’em were fried — I was down with a flu-cum-sore-throat. And, I had none of the beer cos I was the driver, plus I’ve quit drinking (yeah, I know, the same question “When did I ever start?”)

In order to satisfy my stomach we ran a sequel to our chill, driving to Geylang for Dim Sum. It’s a totally crowded stall somewhere opposite those durian sellers who ‘ka’ people. The highlight for us was the porridge, even though I said earlier in the car that I’m not interested in porridge. A must-try is the porridge in claypot. When it’s served it’s still bubbling, means it’s still boiling hot. We had the frog porridge, but I guess it didn’t matter what you mix in it; it’s the porridge that’s good.

We went for a spin round the Manjusri Sec neighbourhood after the meal, then another slow drive back home. I think I’ve clocked about 150km for the past month. If this goes on for the next few months I should upgrade to the “premium” membership for cheaper prices.

I think it was a pity we couldn’t gather more kakis: jonquil31 or ahLi and “HER OTHER HALF”…

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