So why did I write the previous post? Was I inspired to go out and be an Entrepreneur? Frankly speaking, I don’t think so. I may have the “work long hours” attitude and an inclination to “keep trying”, but I’m probably still far from it.

Lack of capital had been a common excuse, but in today’s world I think its not an issue anymore. If you can just pitch your idea good enough funds will just pour in. Lack of a good product sounds better. I’m definitely not the Entrepreneur Entrepreneur where you do it for the sake for being an Entrepreneur. Or people think you’re smart and you should go and be an Entrepreneur. But if I find a good product I believe in I might dive into it? However, the lifestyle seems more suitable for people who have less commitments, even though people say it is possible to juggle it. If it’s family most likely you don’t have any or they are so supportive that you can ignore them most of the time.

I can’t imagine if I become like this and have no time to spend with angdao. She’ll probably just find another guy. Not that I think that she is heartless but its a reality in not being able to provide for needs. As of now we already have much less time than we used to have. The best case if of course the business builds up quickly and we can buy a big house, big car, sit home and relax…

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