Too much money for lawsuits

I just read this article, where Apple develops auto-volume control, which I thought was a weird feature. I found out after reading that it was due to some funny guys who file funny suits, including:

  • iPod causes hearing damage due to setting it at high volume
  • iPod scratches too easily
  • iPod battery life too short

A little absurd to have the product enforce such rules, I felt. They were looking for features that were not part of the original product design. And it was not as if the product didn’t allow you to reduce the volume. The material used for the product was likely the product team decision, often a balance between cost and quality. A stronger material might have made the product cost beyond their target audience. You can choose not to buy it if you don’t like the material, I doubt its an life essential product…

Think of what I could have filed:

  • Sue iPod lookalikes for their inferior quality, lack of volume limit also.
  • Sue Macdonalds for not controlling overweights by limiting the amount of food each person can buy.
  • Sue Dell for short battery life that default battery given cannot last 2 days.
  • Sue Toyota for using low quality for car material, resulting in car scratch on every contact with pillar or other vehicles.
  • Sue Nokia for bundling its default calendar/organizer software with the phone OS.

Sue whoever say there’s a red hohoho Santa Claus for fraud. And if Santa’s for real sue him for trespassing chimneys.

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