Resolution Review `07

I’ve actually been asked to review my resolutions a few days back, but I pushed it till today, cos I did my last resolution on 2nd Jan last year, so I’d thought I’ll give myself the full 365 days to fulfil it. Not that I did anything in the meantime to achieve my goals, but just for the heck of it.

So! Here is the list from last year!

Brush up (as in relearn) my parking skills

I actually had to relearn my driving skills, having driven much less before 07. I didn’t really do much to parking as much as I’d like to (damn oil surcharges), but I do purposely repark a few times when I’m returning the rented car and have extra time left. What’s made me feel good was I finally joined the car-sharing scheme. Although some might feel its expensive, its features are more appropriate for my needs, especially the ease of booking and collection.

Verdict: FAIL

Get a facelift = seek treatment probably

Started going to aesthetician (that’s what she claims to be: a level-up-ed beautician) recommended by angdao’s friend. It’s probably much better than previous attempts at fixing my face, due to the fact that it required less commitment on my part. Previously either I had too many products to apply so regularly, or had pills to take. This time I just lie there during appointments, and I was given only 1 cleanser to use (so far). I’ll let those around me see if there’re any positive results. Since I did not qualify this resolution with a result, but only the action of treatment, this is a pass.

Verdict: PASS

Play a guitar! — if I do get my hands on one within this year…

I didn’t get my hands on one last year. I didn’t want to buy one, cos I’m unsure of my committment to use it. and it’s a rather big instrument that takes up space. For the same reasons I’ll also not prefer it as a gift. So I planned to borrow one from someone who bought one but is not playing it anymore, which I felt would be plenty. I did not execute the plan.

Verdict: FAIL

Transfer my savings to somewhere else where I get more than S$6 interest in a year :’(

This turned out pretty well. I sorted out most of my finances and got my monthly savings (since I started work) into StandChart eSaver. Subsequently I religiously did monthly transfers to the account. Considering I started with a balance of zero it actually accumulated rather quickly. I also managed to log all my expenditures the same way I did in Bris. With eSaver rates sliding like nobody’s business every few months it is time to explore more advanced options.

Verdict: PASS

And, make my dear angry less times than last year!

I THINK I’ll pass on this, given that we met much less this year due to work. With less time to meet, there’s less time for squibbles and such. I probably won’t be able to make an objective decision on this. Maybe angdao can give me this score.

Verdict: ???

Well, that’s it for the review. I haven’t really decided on the new resolutions, so stay tuned for Resolutions `08!

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