Nasi Lemak

More pictures of the escaped terrorist appeared all around the island.

Pillars, walls, notice boards, even the exit doors of buses.

It looks alot like an election already.

Am I supposed to vote for him?

Or will he sit around and say “Silence! I keel u!”

3 thoughts on “Nasi Lemak


    rumours has it dat he has already escaped to malaysia… coz everyone’s saying, “selamat datang” everywhere…

    lol… leng siao hua…

    in any case if he was really in msia, the publicity in sg would have won him the votes of all sg msian voters… keke…

  2. i think he’s long gone too. takes about 20mins to go to west coast, and 45mins to Indonesia. Police surround the area 4 hours later to search for fun…

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