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I called up CPF to enquire the process for applying WIS for my mum. Actual conversation have been condensed for easy-reading.

Me: The application steps involve doing some registration followed by contribution of a sum of money to Medisave, how I can verify that she will receive the WIS payout, before the deadline of 31 March?

Helpdesk: She’ll know when she receives a letter in late April, followed by the payment in about May.

Methinks: (Maybe you didn’t hear my date…)
Me: She wants to check that she will receive the payout for doing all these troublesome things, and so that she can react to confirm it before the deadline is up.

Helpdesk: Don’t worry, you’ll will know once we receive the letter. The letter will specify when she will receive the payout and how much she will receive.

Methinks: (You’re not address my concern…)
Me: Is there some sort of confirmation to assure her she will receive the WIS after these procedures, before the deadline is up, so that she can find out what she missed and do it before the deadline of 31 March?

* more minutes of ding dong *

Helpdesk: OK, ok. I’ll check for you. Please hold on for a moment…


Helpdesk: Sorry to keep you waiting, but there’s no sort of confirmation that you can get. You can trust what I tell you and you will get your WIS.

Me: OK I guess I have no choice. Maybe this can be a feedback that some service should be available to assure WIS applicants that all the stuff they did will be translated to a payout.

Helpdesk: Actually you can appeal after that if you do not receive it, but it’ll be a case-by-case basis.

Methinks: (you’re not getting the point of “troublesome procedures”…)
Me: Yeah, but I’m not the one applying and she already feels doing all these is troublesome enough. An appeal would throw her off totally. So can you feedback my point to the WIS committee?

Helpdesk: OK, for your feedback you can email it to wis@alreadyturnedoffatthispoint.gov.sg … … …

Me: *interrupts* OK since I’m telling this now why not you just send up the feedback for me.

Helpdesk: Oh because you have to do it through the Internet then MOM will also get the notification and … … …

Me: OK OK never mind, I’ll drop the feedback then. May I suggest then you improve your feedback channels then…

Helpdesk: Er…

Me: Thanks for your help. Bye.

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