Comment Recall – a notepadded entry

I got to take back my comment that said I’ve no cable, coz just last night, within one hour, I’m on Starhub CableTV! There was a door-to-door offer for a 4-month 50% off contract of CableTV, with Sports channel free (for Euro Cup), all setup fees waived.

Well, if you look directly at my family needs, we don’t really watch a lot of TV, we don’t watch soccer, so it looks like a waste of money. But actually I’ve been waiting for them to approach us to sign up CableTV, so that we become a HubClub member. If I’m not wrong the discounts we get actually offsets (likely exceed) a basic CableTV package, so we might as well get it. Also, the new mobile discount scheme can give us up to 25% considering our household has 3 Starhub Mobiles. Adding to the point that my dad’s monthly bill alone exceeds $100, this shaves at least $25 off monthly. (Guess who’s paying his bill?)

Previously I did receive a call to ask us to subscribe, but when I asked him to send us the details of the promotion as it was quite confusing over the phone, he agreed but didn’t. So he blew a chance. Now with a good offer knocking at my doorstep, installed within an hour, at 10.30pm, some people might just call this “the work of God”… (the 10.30pm was significant to me because the previous Starhub Internet free installation had to take place in the day, and I had to schedule it on a weekend a few weeks later)

One bad point about this is I have to reteach my parents how to use the complex remote control. I whipped up a large-font instructions and channel list for them, but it’s likely they’ll take some time to catch on.

Now I’m wondering my house will become a campsite for Euro 2008, or maybe I’ll now stay home everyday and watch Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet…

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