Street Magic

Just watched 綜藝大哥大 showing magic show, and really amazed by some of them. I am especially attracted to street style magic, rather than the stage or majestic style where crafted props are involved. With the props you can make things happen, but I feel street magic is more challenging due to the close proximity of the audience and the angles they can see you from. In addition it should cause non-prepared objects go into a seemingly impossible state, right before your eyes.

And they have formal magic studies (Harry Potter anyone?) and discuss terms like “misdirection” and “penatration”. In the show the magician pushed a bottle cap into a wine bottle, from the bottom. The mouth of the bottle is smaller than the cap, so there is no obvious way the cap can get in, and when its in it was checked: you can’t really pour it out. Second was even more amazing, he borrowed 3 rings from the audience, and interlocked them together in his hands. Really cannot imagine how he did that. But he did it.

No need for playing cards or magic wands to amaze me.

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