Journey to the West

My sis and I went to Queensway shopping centre today, because she has wanted to buy Deuter bag for very long and hasn’t found it. I had recommended her the place, and we ended up buying a bag, shoes and jeans, all of which she was supposed to buy but hasn’t found a suitable one. Dad already gave her the money to buy her stuff donkey years ago. She, like me, takes a very very long time to buy an item.

We were looking at jeans and my sis was trying them out in this small shop. And, for the second time, the shopkeeper has mistook me as my sis’ boyfriend. And this was also just the second time I brought her shopping. The first time, about a year ago, I brought her and my niece to Far East Plaza, and there was this shop auntie who insisted I was my sis’ boyfriend, or was chasing my own sis. After my niece explained I was her bro, she even thought it was the kind of 干哥哥 type of brother.

So I suppose we don’t look like siblings, and either she looks too old or I look too young. My sis should be considered the petite range already, and I’ve seen her classmates which seriously look super cao 老. Therefore I must be the one who look like a kid.

It’s time for me to grow up and be more mature.

Song of the moment: Robbie Williams – Better Man

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