Accidentally found N79, which was reported to be announced few days ago. As a typical N-series it packed all the features I wanted, from WiFi to GPS. But, like all N-series, it looks below average.

It should be available here from October this year, and comes bundled with a 4GB microSD card. Throwing a bluetooth headset into the package would sound like a good deal.

A little relieved I did not rush into getting an N78 when it was first released. Comparing these 2 models there is no doubt which one I will consider. Having failed N78, hopefully N79 will feel better in my hands. If not I’ll have to settle for some less-featured phone.


I bought 8 sets of numbers for the $8mil draw on 08/08/08. There were 8 Group 1 winners. I wasn’t one of them.

But it was my first win from Singapore Pools. I think. The prize calculator said so.

Shall go collect proceeds tomorrow. 顺便 buy the $1.5mil Thursday Jackpot.

Just got my new toy today

box50.JPG walllight.JPG range.JPG

Usually red, but this one’s green. About 4 times brighter (as listed, I didn’t really measure, but the perceived difference was significant). Beam slightly visible, even in light (I was expecting no beam, or slight beam in dark). Better than I originally thought. Considering higher rating for better beam…