I’m a witness of a non-fatal car accident

Was walking out of office today, towards the problematic electronic parking gate that they installed recently. One, the gate doesn’t open when its supposed to, and two, only season parking holders can use the sensor to auto-open the gate. The rest of the people had to insert the cash card into the slot. Most visitors don’t know about that although there are signs that say so, likely due to the presence of a transponder at the gate. They often move back and forth hoping to catch the sensor.

Today a heavy truck was stuck at the gate and it wouldn’t open. So it reversed and backed off to the side while a small lorry behind tried. No luck. It reversed, and an SUV from the left tried. It wouldn’t open. The small lorry then inched forward and BAM! It hit the side of a black “Ralli-Art” car which had try to overtake the queue from the left. Quite a bad hit although the lorry was just inching, should be because the car was quite eager to cut in.

The people from the car and lorry got down, and lucky nobody was injured. Seeing nobody was injured, we left.

I just wasted 5 minutes of your life reading this meaningless post. If you haven’t, try this too.

OK. More. Not very meaningful also, but I realize swimming is good for me because I can’t multitask. I was thinking about some work problem while I swam, and I choked in the middle of the pool. Lesson: Concentrate on making my strokes. Good for not thinking about anything else too – which is actually hard for my workaholic brain.

I also learned a trick from my colleague, who learned it from his young son — How to sit onto the floor of the pool without employing your arms or legs. Try it – it can be entertaining to watch others do it, when they float. The answer? A kid might know.

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