n79 hit stores

Saw the ads on TV and print few days ago, but it didn’t say when it’ll be released. Happen to pass by Nokia Concept Store while shopping yesterday, and found that it was out yesterday. Got my hands on the actual set and tried it.

Good = weight, camera.

Bad = lock on top (maybe can find s/w hack), plastic looking buttons, crowded function keys, # key is too cornered, navi-wheel not sensitive.

NoContract = 698, Contract = 438. Still not perfect, but I’m not sure if there will be one. Anyway not sure if now’s the time, cos I can’t use it for the next month, so I’ll waste those “first few months free” gimmicks.

EDIT: There are people doing the unlock feature already (as I expected). I just hope its free or not too expensive. Or I might have to resort to doing it myself.

EDIT 2: I went to see the phone again. And searched the manual online. Couldn’t find any built-in method to change the keypad lock feature. Also saw the 2 colors – gray and white. White looks better, but makes the buttons look more plastic.

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