resolution review

366 days ago, I did a review and a new resolution at the same time. Since I’ve set something, I thought I should review it, even if the results wasn’t spectacular.

  • Get fitter. I failed IPPT again. I think I fell sick more times than the previous year too, so I don’t think I got fitter.
  • Get heavier. Didn’t happen. I gained in the earlier part of the year, but lost it back in the latter.
  • Get tanner. Swam like I never swam before. Did help with the fitter part too. But the tan part didn’t really materialize.
  • Get deaf. Didn’t happen.
  • Get geared up. Once. Didn’t do well at all that time. And then I scaled back on expenses so it didn’t happen again.

Total: 0 passed.

This year? I don’t know.

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