I’m quite sleepy now but I thought I should get this down or I doubt I will do it later. How do you make people understand: being a software developer doesn’t mean you can fix anything related to a computer? Like being a taxi driver doesn’t mean he always know how to fix the engine when the vehicle stops working.

And it doesn’t mean a software developer can create any software you see. There are two aspects: Like studying aerospace engineering doesn’t mean you can start building and selling airplanes (products have scale) and like being a chef doesn’t mean you can cook from Japanese to Italian cuisine, or a surgeon can operate on any part of your body (there is specialization within the profession).

I’m looking for a good analogy, that hopefully can be consistent for use across the different scenarios.


i ought to sleep earlier. I still get through the day with less sleep, so i\’m not sure why i\’m thinking like this. Must be getting old.

When multiple people say i blog too chim, i guess that means its true. I\’d like to read some not-so-chim blog and see what\’s the diff.

But, like i keep saying, i\’ll not change my style to entertain readers, cos its my blog, for myself. You shall just read whatever appeals to u.

Finally, i\’m glad i can blog in bed. Good night.

Save Earth. EAT MAC.

There is demand for a Fats Bank for people to donate fat. Since fat is an energy source, the Bank will use the fats collected to generate power. So we fight obesity, and at the same time save the Earth by creating an alternative energy source.

Since fats can now be removed from the body, and for a good cause (save Earth), there is no need to suppress the urge to eat McDonalds in order to stay within weight limits. People will become happier. Obesity becomes a non-issue. Thus the Bank will partner with McDonalds to show advertisements during the donation process and give away vouchers after the contribution. Together with the sale of power generated, the Bank will be highly profitable.

OSIM will close down, since paying to lose fat is stupid. The fats should be put to good use and you get vouchers to eat more Mac. There will be no more vibrating/rocking/squeezing wrappers for every part of your body.

Subsequently, there is no need for me to approach the bank to increase my fat, since everyone else will look like me.

time for bed

Just ended a interactive debug session with the folks on the other side. Thanks to effective communications and collaboration technology: VPN, remote desktop, web-meetings and VoIP.

Under the bed

OK I promised windy I’d write this today. It’s been a while since I last determined the amount of GST to increase to get free public transport. This time we figured out that the MRT tunnel between City Hall and Raffles Place goes below the river bed of the Singapore River.

From the SLA map, we can see this is the part of the MRT tunnel, which is quite close to Raffles Place station.

A critical clue can be found in this book “Tunnels and underground structures“:

The construction of a twin 70 m long North East Line tunnels, under the Singapore River, was the second such crossing of the MRT system under the Singapore River.

Now if we look at the Singapore River and the MRT crossing points, we can see that before the North East Line crossing of the Singapore River at Clarke Quay, the only earlier point was the area we identified earlier. There seems to be a third crossing point to be constructed under ECP, between the (future) Bayfront and Promenade stations.

That’s it! Of course this is just one piece of indirect evidence; it would be more convincing to produce a variety of evidence, especially direct evidence. However, the map, together with the statement in the book does tell us that the MRT tunnel between City Hall and Raffles Place crosses below the Singapore River.


It’s good to be a programmer. When software don’t behave the way you want it to, you can always write it yourself.

Song of the Moment: 齊秦 – 紫雨

This retro song has been stuck in my head for 2 days. Time to change song.