都是你 没有我你怎么挥霍你的任性
原谅你 如果原谅是一种证明
都是你 认我贪图渴望过去的甜蜜
原谅你 容许你在最后还是缺席

离开我 你会不会好一点
离开你 什么事都难一点
车来了 坐上你的明天
车走了 我还站在路边

bad service

Went to a neighborhood Jap restaurant few days back. And the service was quite bad. There was only 1 manager and 1 waiter on shift. Had to wait for quite awhile even before getting their attention, even though I already made a booking.

I’m lazy to go into the gritty details, but it’s so bad that they count the plates wrongly. He missed 1 plate from each type, and marked a $13 dish wrongly as a $6 dish. So I thought I’d just get a discount for the poor service.

In the end, the final bill didn’t even have the $6 dish. So poor service = no service charge.

Advertisements I

TV is becoming paid so it’s all video-on-demand. You just watch what you want to, pause, rewind and forward as you like. So there will be no more advertisements interrupting the show.

So how to advertise? It’ll all become product placement inside the shows.

New vocabulary

I suddenly recall some terms I learnt last month.

Need the bill? Look for 服务员.
Not full enough? More 米饭.
Need to claim? Say 发票.
Got robbed? Find 公安.
Going to the airport? Call for 出租车.
No kopitiam. But got 大排挡.
Popular eco-friendly vehicle = 自行车.

And they don’t say 转左, but 左转.

future window pane

Future window panes need to have 3 modes.

In one mode it will be solid and transparent for light to pass but have holes for air and wind to flow through.

When switched to the second mode the holes will close up so you can turn on the aircon but still be transparent and let light through.

The third mode will darken the window and not let light through.

So there’s no need to swing open or slide open the window.

I wonder if anyone understand what I’m talking about…

funnier by the day

Score One for Indonesia in the War Over Batik

JAKARTA — For Indonesians, it is a point scored in a long-running rivalry with their neighbor Malaysia: The United Nations has decided to recognize Indonesian batik as one of the world’s important cultural traditions.

Batik belongs to M’sia and S’pore, too: Muhyiddin

“I do not know what the decision means. Does it mean we cannot use our expertise in the batik making tradition?” said Mr Muhyiddin. “Indonesia has its own batik, just like Malaysia and so does Singapore,” he added.

Indo and Msia fight why pull in SG?

M’sia’s local dishes ‘hijacked’: Minister

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia will lay claim to its signature dishes like laksa and chicken rice which are being “hijacked” by other countries, Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen said, The Star reported yesterday.

Those on the list include the fragrant coconut milk rice “nasi lemak”, spicy soup noodle “laksa” and pork ribs herbal soup “bak kut teh”.

Looks like they just wanna get us into the fight. Want to borrow our power izit.

Son of woman who invented signature S’pore dish says:
I’ve never heard anyone talk about M’sian Chilli Crab
Others in S’pore food industry also upset over M’sia staking claim to local favourites

See now SG heat up liao… if SG come and say nobody can claim then maybe will be to Msia advantage…

What next? Pay royalties for nasi lemak?

See. Getting absurd and funnier by the day!

i’m still awake.

I went to read about the “Gongfu tea ceremony” we just performed at a tea-house. From the utensils it is obvious we were exposed to the Taiwanese version, which uses tweezers and a sniffer cup.

The process we learnt seems to be largely similar to what the waiter taught us, with just some minute differences. Somehow I didn’t read that we should drink the 1st cup in only 3 sips because the word 品 has 3 口s. Must have been fun for the waiter too IF he smoked all first-timers. Heh heh.

It was just fun to go through the steps, though I couldn’t really appreciate any taste different between tea in a bigger teacup from a metal kettle. I would probably even have trouble differentiating one type of tea from another, so even if we tried more teas I’m not sure if I can identify one that I like more.

And yup, I’m still awake. It’s not I’m not tired. My type of awake is I’m tired, I lie on the bed, but I just can’t fall asleep. If someone wants to torture me, feed me tea.

Oh. As I was about to finish my post, I realize I drank tea the whole day today. Had a western tea (bag) in Cartel for breakfast, Starbucks passion tea in the afternoon, and 20 doses of Chinese tea at night. I hope it’s all psychological. I shall go to bed again.