i’m still awake.

I went to read about the “Gongfu tea ceremony” we just performed at a tea-house. From the utensils it is obvious we were exposed to the Taiwanese version, which uses tweezers and a sniffer cup.

The process we learnt seems to be largely similar to what the waiter taught us, with just some minute differences. Somehow I didn’t read that we should drink the 1st cup in only 3 sips because the word 品 has 3 口s. Must have been fun for the waiter too IF he smoked all first-timers. Heh heh.

It was just fun to go through the steps, though I couldn’t really appreciate any taste different between tea in a bigger teacup from a metal kettle. I would probably even have trouble differentiating one type of tea from another, so even if we tried more teas I’m not sure if I can identify one that I like more.

And yup, I’m still awake. It’s not I’m not tired. My type of awake is I’m tired, I lie on the bed, but I just can’t fall asleep. If someone wants to torture me, feed me tea.

Oh. As I was about to finish my post, I realize I drank tea the whole day today. Had a western tea (bag) in Cartel for breakfast, Starbucks passion tea in the afternoon, and 20 doses of Chinese tea at night. I hope it’s all psychological. I shall go to bed again.


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