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Score One for Indonesia in the War Over Batik

JAKARTA — For Indonesians, it is a point scored in a long-running rivalry with their neighbor Malaysia: The United Nations has decided to recognize Indonesian batik as one of the world’s important cultural traditions.

Batik belongs to M’sia and S’pore, too: Muhyiddin

“I do not know what the decision means. Does it mean we cannot use our expertise in the batik making tradition?” said Mr Muhyiddin. “Indonesia has its own batik, just like Malaysia and so does Singapore,” he added.

Indo and Msia fight why pull in SG?

M’sia’s local dishes ‘hijacked’: Minister

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia will lay claim to its signature dishes like laksa and chicken rice which are being “hijacked” by other countries, Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen said, The Star reported yesterday.

Those on the list include the fragrant coconut milk rice “nasi lemak”, spicy soup noodle “laksa” and pork ribs herbal soup “bak kut teh”.

Looks like they just wanna get us into the fight. Want to borrow our power izit.

Son of woman who invented signature S’pore dish says:
I’ve never heard anyone talk about M’sian Chilli Crab
Others in S’pore food industry also upset over M’sia staking claim to local favourites

See now SG heat up liao… if SG come and say nobody can claim then maybe will be to Msia advantage…

What next? Pay royalties for nasi lemak?

See. Getting absurd and funnier by the day!

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