Mum bought an McDonalds ice-cream cone for her kid.

She passed it to her daughter. The kid took the cone and started licking it. After 3 licks she somehow lost grip of it and it landed cone up on the floor.

She looked down at her misfortune, disappointed.

What do you think the mum did? What would you do if you were Mum?

4 thoughts on “Mum bought an McDonalds ice-cream cone for her kid.

  1. Let me guess!

    Scenario 1: Mum says “The cone is still edible! It’s not dirty as it hasn’t touch the floor”. *Picks up cone and give to the daughter*

    Scenario 2: Mum says “3 second rule! pick it up quick and you can still eat it”

    Scenario 3: Mum buys cup ice-cream instead.

    None of those above has ever happened to me though.

    I it was me, I would walk off. Let my daughter cry over it and let her learn her lesson. Things if you never take care of it, it’s lost. No assumption should be made that someone will take care of it for her.

  2. the mum bought her a new one, but chided her nonetheless.

    mum did pick up the dropped cone, but didn’t clean the cream.

    the little girl was lucky this time!

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