suggested route for golden gate park

  1. Take 101 north into the city towards Golden Gate Bridge, exit to Fell St.
  2. Follow Fell St and filter to J.F.Kennedy Drive after intersecting Cole St.
  3. You will reach the Conservatory of Flowers on the right. Park.
  4. Walk back to car, continue drive along J.F.Kennedy Drive and you will reach Rose Garden on the right. Park.
  5. Walk across the road and follow the sign to walk to Japanese Tea Garden.
  6. Walk to Academy of Science, opposite the Japanese Tea Garden entrance.
  7. Walk back to car, turn left towards Stow Lake in a short distance ahead. Turn left again to go up Stow Lake.
  8. Park beside a bridge on the right and walk in. If you turn left after crossing bridge you will reach a waterfall and a pavilion.
  9. Walk back to car, continue one way drive, and exit to Martin Luther King Jr Dr to the right. Continue until after 41st Ave, filter right to J.F.Kennedy Drive. Continue until Dutch Windmill just before Great Highway.


woke up late for the 1st time 3 years in this company. the alarm did ring, but i switched it off and dozed off, waking up only an hour later. tried to flag a cab but after a while i could see there were too few cabs and some more people were waiting ahead of me. ended up taking the bus to work anyway. lucky there are no events in the morning.