day 9 – consoling ending

ANA oversold, and i got free upgrade to business class. this is my first business class flight, and being the suaku i didn’t know how it works. i joined the wrong queues, keep forgetting that economy queues are different from business. i was also lucky to get the upgrade from San Francisco to Narita, which was the longer 10-hour leg of my flight. having hiked up yoshimete the day before it was perfect i am able to stretch my legs on the seat throughout the flight.

the seat can be inclined to any degree, from upright to bed mode, and if you’ve watched mr bean at the dentist, yes, that’s how i look like with the chair going up and down and up and down. it was definitely spacious, and even though i’m in the window seat i could get out pretty easily without disturbing my neighbour. i kept sliding down the bed at first, until i found the leg-rest plus the controls that could accommodate my height. there was even a button for “lumbar refresh” which will massage your lower back. the pillow was bigger, the blanket was of sleeping bag material, and you’re given slippers and a cardigan. meals come at times as you please, and appetizers are served separate from the main course, which comes before dessert.

in the end i watched 3 movies – Did You Hear About the Morgans, Two Weeks Notice, and The Prestige. slept in the pockets in between. surprisingly i didn’t sleep a lot, and i couldn’t really sleep in chair’s bed mode. i mostly fell asleep while in the relax mode, which was somewhere in-between bed and upright.

i slept more during the 2nd leg. they switched the entertainment to the June catalog so i was planning to watch A Beautiful Mind and Invictus, but couldn’t finish even the first one. the check-in lady at the airport was nice to put me on the middle aisle seat for the 2nd leg as i requested, and the bonus was there was nobody in the middle. she look slightly confused why i would switch a front window seat to a back aisle, but i always preferred middle aisle because i could get out anytime, and there is an alternative exit for the only person in the middle. luckily i still felt comfortable in the seat having switched back to economy, less the pillow that feels pretty small now…

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